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Serum presets and melodies from Digital Scofflaw

I made music for years before I realized I enjoyed making melodies and synth patches more than making finished music, so I ran with it. That's what this is. I make Serum presets and melodies (MIDI format) you can use in your own music. Expect 1-2 new things a year. I make these with a general purpose mindset. Play one over a Bach MIDI and you'll be amazed at how 100+ year old music translates to modern synths.

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Sounds amazing, but it's not what I'm looking for...

I get it. You have a certain kind of music in mind. Maybe you have a sweet dub techno track in mind, or you're about to revolutionize dubstep and need a Serum preset for just the right sound. I'll make genre presets for Serum in the future.

Get it? Because future bass...


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